Monday, August 20, 2012

Me For Yoo Hoo?

Whoa, guys. I know, I have been terrible about updating. Apologies!  But Michael and I were just at a baseball card convention over the weekend and we saw something that I couldn't NOT talk about. Check this out.

They're Yoo-hoo caps.  We saw a mint condition Mickey Mantle bottle cap (see bottom row, middle for a NON-mint condition bottle cap) at the show, in a little display box.

Now, I'm all for collecting, and baseball memorabilia is nothing to sneeze at. Michael is an avid collector of autographs and I wholeheartedly encourage his collecting (as he does for me!)

But, when we asked the guy who was displaying his Mickey Mantle Yoo-hoo bottle cap how much it was going for, he said, without blinking an eye: $1,000.

Michael and I looked at each other with disbelief. Did this guy actually think he was going to sell this bottle cap for $1,000? That is a LOT of money. For a bottle cap. Granted, Mantle seems to have a demand where prices for his memorabilia hasn't gone down, but still.  And it begs the question of my readers: how much are you willing to spend on a bottle cap? Is $1,000 a reasonable price? Is it outrageous? Is it more about the baseball aspect? Or are there bottle caps out there that are like, the holy grail of bottle caps and no price is too large to have it?

Honestly, Michael and I put a limit on how much we'll spend on our respective hobbies. We are collectors, but we also have a budget to keep.


  1. Wow! $1000 is alot for a cap. Though there probably is a Mickey Mantle fan somewhere that would pounce on that. I guess it's all relative to the collector, their enthusiasm, and their budget.

  2. Yay!!! You're back!! Holy Smokes... where'ya been?!!

    The Yoo Hoo set is extremely rare, probably the most rare US set in existence.

    I could see $1000 for the complete set of 6... one cap, I don't think so.