Sunday, March 4, 2012

great divide brewing co.

Michael and I have been having a great time exploring our new neighborhood. Everything feels new, even though we aren't that far away from our old place. New commute, new neighbors, new restaurants that are *just* around the corner, and best of all, new grocery stores.

Sure, I had seen Euro Market from our elevated train for years, but I just assumed it was a poor-man's Titan, and never bothered to go in. I was a silly girl then. I am wiser now. And looking for bottle caps.

Euro Market has an entire back wall devoted to beers from around the country/world. It wasn't quite New Beer Distributor, but it came pretty darn close. Everything was available by the bottle, and damn they had selection. Michael and I were like kids in a (foreign) candy store.

We came away with a few good finds, but the first beer we actually cracked open was Great Divide Brewing Co.'s Samurai. An unfiltered beer, it was a nice conclusion to a rainy night. And the bottle cap? Check this out:

Great Minds Drink Alike! An excellent saying. Words to live by. Thank you, Great Divide for putting those words in my mouth (and some tasty beer).

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