Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Well, crown fans, I think it's time for a mailbag of sorts. Remember last year when @Vadrach sent me a whole slew of bottle caps? It is time I paid that glorious shipment some more due.

Zywiec, hailing from Poland, is a brewery that has been around since the 1800s. 1856, to be exact. To make things easy on us, Zywiec Brewery is in in Zywiec, Poland. Nice.

Their bottle cap is pretty neat. We have a crown, the year the brewery was founded, the name of the brewery, and best of all, a man and a woman in some sort of traditional garb dancing a traditional dance. They are complete with feathers in their hats, socks/stockings pulled up to their knees, and look really happy to be there. If I were depicted on a bottle cap, I'd probably be doing the same dance!

There is a lot going on, though: I sort of want the Zywiec logo to be a little smaller so that the dancers could get some more surface area. But that's a small quibble. The fact that there are two dancers on there is certainly better than one dancer. And who doesn't love a crown on a crown?!

If only I knew what the beer tasted like... I'll have to check out my international grocery store to see if they carry it. You never know in NYC!


  1. hey, your mom just forwarded me the link, any liquor store in Greenpoint will have this beer, it's very popular and one of the best ones from Poland.

    anna from CE

  2. I second Greenpoint (and parts of Wburg) - this beer (as well as a lot of really hard-to-find liquors) are all around Greenpoint. And the beer is pretty good, actually.