Tuesday, November 8, 2011

big sky brewing

I'm very lucky to be receiving loads of bottle caps in the mail these days. It gives me lots of opportunities to blog about crowns that I wouldn't normally have a chance to talk about, and also just lets me know about all kinds of breweries and sodas from across the country that I might not otherwise know about!

Big Sky Brewing is the perfect example. Michael's mom sent us a package a few weeks ago that included some delicious sweet potatoes from their fabulous garden, some recipes, and also, of course, some bottle caps. Among the Schlafly and Fitz's crowns, there was a new bottle cap -- one that I hadn't seen before: Big Sky Brewing.

Big Sky isn't even close to being available on the east coast. But with brew names like Moose Drool, Slow Elk and others, it is definitely something that I'd buy a bottle (or 6!) of if I saw it in the store. I'm guessing that their bottle cap doesn't vary based on the brew, but I might want to make a case for them to change that. They would definitely be contenters for the HOF if they used images even remotely similar to what they have on this page (and I'm guessing is what is on their labels).

Big Sky's bottle cap is blue, with gold lettering and a gold outline of Montana. They also have some phrases under the cap similar to Magic Hat. Mine says "Set Beer Goggles To Stun." I think they can do better than that...talk more about the Moose Drool! C'mon!

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