Monday, November 14, 2011

Carolina Blonde

As mentioned yesterday, Michael and I had some tasty BBQ in the Charlotte Airport, of all places. I'll admit it: my favorite is from Kansas City. (And I can say I've had Texas, Kansas City, Southern Illinois and Carolina BBQ, so I'm pretty well versed, if I do say so myself. And this is from a mostly-practicing vegetarian, so that's saying something. Seriously, people, I eat pulled pork. I don't eat chicken or beef. Deal with it.)

Carolina Blonde is proving to be a curious beer, though. It looks like it started in the Carolinas, but has been sold at least a few times. I can't even find a dedicated website for it! When looking over the bottle (and bottle cap), we noticed that the beer is actually brewed in Pennsylvania. So, we have a bit of a schizophrenic beer on our hands. Sure it tastes good with BBQ, but where are you from? PA? NC?  Long Island (see: lighthouses)? Somewhere else?

I will say that I think this bottle cap is lovely. Bold letters. Bright picture. And if I were a betting woman, I'd say that my dad would also like this bottle cap (hi dad!). He has a bit of a lighthouse theme in the house that my sister and I encourage with small lighthouse knickknacks, paintings, and lamps. It's like me with sheep and, um, bottle caps. It gives you character. Just keep telling yourself that, Lauren!

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  1. A web search shows that earlier this year Carolina Beer Company announced that they are no longer going to produce the Cottonwood or Carolina Blonde beer brands due to their focus on Energy Drinks. Foothills Brewing in Winston Salem has bought the brands/equiptment and will be producing them.

    You can find more info on Foothills site ( My guess is if you are seeing PA on the label it is probably being contract brewed at The Lion in Wilkes Barr while they (Foothills) set up the operations from Carolina.