Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Červená Selka

How excited was I when I came home about two weeks ago to find a huge package full of bottle caps waiting for me? Well, as @Vadrach knows, very excited. Thanks to him, I have a whole slew of international bottle caps and plenty to blog about for weeks to come. There are quite a few that I definitely want to discuss, but first and foremost, I must blog about this bottle cap:

Doesn't it remind you of the Disney movie Pocahontas? When I saw it, that was the first thing I thought of.  Check it out: 

OK, maybe our bottle cap girl has red hair and isn't a Native American who "falls in love" with John Smith. But there is something about the flowing hair, the almond shaped eyes, the barely-there nose... the whole thing! Either way, it's a pretty awesome bottle cap, and based on the other bottle caps I've seen that have women on them, this one is doing pretty well, considering the ratio of naked ladies to clothed.

So, thanks @Vadrach! I'll blog more about the caps you sent and make sure to tag it in the labels.

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