Sunday, December 11, 2011

holiday roundup -- beer savers

This is the time of year when holiday roundups abound. Why should it be any different here at SCBC? Throughout the year I've found some pretty great bottle caps, but what about the accoutrements that go along with drinking beer, soda, and other beverages that sport a snazzy bottle cap?

This week I'll highlight a few things that might make a good gift for the beverage connoisseur in your life. Enjoy!

While surfing the web I recently stumbled on beer savers and couldn't have been more excited. How often have I needed Michael's help in finishing a beer or soda? ALL THE TIME. What would I do if Michael wasn't around? In the past, probably just flush the said beverage down the drain, much to my chagrin. Unless, of course, it's a malta. Then down the tubes it goes, no regrets.

But a beer saver?  Well, that might be the perfect thing for someone who just can't seem to finish those last sips of beer. Why not save it for later?

I love that these look like bottle caps but with stretchy, silicon shape; and of course, they're reusable.  They may not have great designs on the top, but they make it so that I don't have to try to smash my original (awesome) bottle cap back onto the bottle, causing all sorts of problems.

Definitely worth getting for those who (for whatever reason) can't finish their beverage in one sitting. Or want to save some for a friend, who just isn't home yet.

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  1. Yikes. What's next, screw-top wine bottles? Unless you enjoy flat possibly oxygen rich (stale) beer/soda, saving it for later is probably not the way to go. Just one man's opinion.