Monday, December 5, 2011


Michael's mom sent me a few bottle caps recently. The new shipment, along with a few crowns from my stash, are going to make for some fun posts coming up.

Today I wanted to talk about Shiner. I've talked about the awesome ram bottle cap here and the ruby redbird here. But I haven't really talked about their standard Shiner caps, which happen to have amusing phrases on them (and you know I love a good phrase or slogan.)

Hefeweizen's bottle cap has the great and succinct phrase "It's Good!" and Oktoberfest has "Make a Toast." Something else very cool about these caps are the sides: Oktoberfest says "Twist and Toast!" and Hefeweizen says "Twist and Enjoy," which is cool because a) these are twist-off crowns (and you won't ruin the cap with a bottle opener) and b) there are fun phrases on the sides. I mean, come on!

I'm now realizing that Shiner has quite a variety of crowns, and I'm sure there are more than what I have. If my faithful readers have additional phrases from Shiner caps,  or other Shiners that they want to send my way, let me know in the comments.

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