Monday, December 12, 2011

holiday roundup --- wooden bottle opener

Michael and I were shopping for a Christmas present for his mom the other day, and stopped in the MoMA Design Store, one of my favorite places to browse. Sure, we were looking for his mother, but that doesn't mean I can't point out other fun, interesting pieces in the meantime!

One cool item we found, which happens to be perfect for this blog, is a wooden bottle opener. Not only does it have a magnet underneath to keep the bottle cap from flying across the room, but it has a magnet on the top as well, so that you can keep it conveniently on your 'fridge and not have to dig through your drawers to find it when that unexpected guest swings by for a nightcap.

I like the simple design: a piece of wood, and a bent nail. I do worry, however, that this might bend your favorite bottle cap in an unpleasant way. Anyone who may have used this: please let me know if it keeps your bottle caps in tact!  But from a completely aesthetic standpoint, this bottle opener is the bees knees.  (Michael's mom, don't worry: we didn't actually buy this for you!)

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  1. Hmmm... I am always a little leery of "over the top" openers. since 100$ of the time there is contact with the face of the cap. Very often these openers will open the cap un-creased but with the incidental contact there is potential for scratching/damage.

    The best way to open the cap if from a lever action popping up from under the skirt. There are a few openers on the market that serve this purpose, or a simple disposable lighter and a firm grip on the neck will work just as well.