Sunday, February 5, 2012

brooklyn lager - go giants!

A quick post tonight, basking in the post-Giants Super Bowl win. Tonight I invited over a few close friends for cheese, chili, and an exciting game of football. I know I've written about Brooklyn Lager in the past, but because I included a lager in my delicious, home-made chili, I thought I'd blog briefly about the crown again.

Brooklyn doesn't offer much in terms of design on the crown, but they are good about switching up colors for their different lines of beer. Straight-up lager is green, as per below.

For those of you who didn't watch the super bowl, you missed out on an amazing game! Down to the wire rematch of Pats v. Giants. If you didn't know, I'm a hardcore Giants fan -- and have been for many years. Four years ago, though, was the ultimate: I won my office pool when you fill in those little boxes. It was insane! This year, no pool at the office, but having a housewarming party, and a delicious beer to celebrate my new home and my team winning is the new ultimate. Go NY!


  1. Nice use of bottle caps. Like so you can make lovely bottle cap jewelry too.

  2. Congrats from indiana, where we all either cheer for the Giants because Eli is Peyton's brother or because we hate the Pats. I'm in the second category.

  3. Thanks Jenifer! Yes, I like bottle cap jewelry - I often find it in brewery gift shops (and etsy!). I also like bottle cap themed furniture and coffee tables.
    CW Martin, thanks! Any category is a good one when you're rooting against the Pats.