Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm surprised that this is the first time I'm discussing Jarritos, the weird Mexican soda that I find in bodegas and restaurants across NYC. Recently, I came across a 200th anniversary (a bicentennial, if you will) commemorative bottle of Jarritos for Mexican Independence. Granted, their bicentennial was in 2010, and I found this bottle about 6 months ago, but no matter (EW!!!). I guess soda keeps??

Anyway, this bottle cap has a celebratory bird, is gold and black, and frankly a little busy compared to Jarritos regular bottle cap:

Which is green, silver, and white and very clean looking.  And it clearly tells you, in Spanish of course, that it is made in Mexico.

Jarritos also has a seltzer line, with its own bottle cap: blue and white with the word "Mineragua" across the top in place of the usual Jarritos. But don't be fooled. Mineragua just means mineral water in Spanish (thanks Spanish 101!)

Jarritos has unfortunate flavors like tamarind and pineapple. No one wants these flavors. Please stick with tutifruti (fruit punch!) and lemon-lime. Anything more adventurous than that is going into crazy, sticky sweet territory, and I just can't take it! Thank goodness they don't all have different bottle caps.  There would be a lot of soda going down the drain.

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