Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Q Tonic

Michael sure knows how to impress a gal. One night this week he arrived home with a bottle of Q Tonic, much to my delight. (I am very easy to please!).

I know I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about beer and soda, but I like a good mixed drink, too. Don't get me wrong. Usually my mixology skills don't go past two ingredients, so when I make a mixed drink, it's usually something like a rum and coke, or a vodka and tonic. Anything more ambitious than that should be left to the professionals in my case.

I've had some Absolut Citron sitting in my freezer for longer than I care to admit, so when the Q Tonic came home with Michael, I knew that some vodka tonics were in my future. And although I didn't have any limes lying around, there is always some lemon juice in my fridge, to spruce up my tap water. So, yeah, I was all set.

Over Labor Day weekend, with a full day of watching the US Open ahead of me, there was a vodka tonic calling my name. Since I didn't actually get to go to the Open this year, and couldn't have the signature Honey Deuce, a vodka tonic would be a nice replacement. And, man, were they refreshing!

Best part? Of course, the bottle cap.  Black, elegant, with a big Q. I approve. If you need a tonic water to keep on hand at home, I highly recommend Q.

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