Tuesday, September 27, 2011

coney island lager

I recently had friends in town who were supremely into Coney Island. So I thought, why not blog about this awesome bottle cap (which also happens to be my twitter pic)?

Obviously, I love this bottle cap. I wouldn't have it as my twitter pic if I didn't! My friends who fell in love with Coney Island were even considering getting tattoos of the Carney on the bottle cap while they were in NYC.

Alas, despite finding them a reputable tattoo parlor, they backed out at the last minute. They did bring the bottle cap home with them, which makes me think that it is still a possibility. And, it does raise the always interesting question: bottle cap collectors, do you have any bottle cap designs that YOU would have as tattoos? Do you have them? I'd love to see pics -- post links and/or images in the comments section!

I know you're out there & reading -- and I would love to hear from you -- ink or no ink.  Even just what you'd consider having as a tat.

I personally don't have any tattoos. But ideas are always welcome. (Sorry, Mom!)

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