Thursday, September 8, 2011

stella artois

Watching the US Open this week has gotten me a bit obsessed with Stella Artois. Usually found only in bottles or on tap, it's a good beer to order if you want to look sophisticated in a bar. It's what I used to order before I became adventurous with beer and bottle caps. It's a perfectly acceptable beer. And they have some pretty interesting advertising. One of my favorites is the bikers:

Stella is now advertising their new Chalice Can. I'm not a fan. Beer should be on tap or in bottles. The way its MEANT to be.

Stella's bottle cap is nothing special, but it is distinctive. Tan on white, clear writing. Some embelishment around the edges. Seems appropriately for Stella. And of course, whenever I drink it, I always think of that scene from Streetcar...

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