Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yards Brewing Co.

I may as well continue with my Philadelphia theme this week.

I admit that I didn't do nearly enough research in anticipation of my recent trip to Philadelphia. Clearly there are tons of local breweries in town that I should have taken advantage of. This is a major oversight in my quest for bottle caps in the northeast region.

Anyway, even though I didn't have the chance to sample a Yards when I was in Philly, Ryan, my trusty reader, sent me a Yards Brewing Co. bottle cap a few weeks ago, and it seemed like good timing to discuss it now.

The bottle cap is striking: white type on black, with some embellishments (Philly, year established '94) in gold. And to be totally dorky, I must ask: does anyone know what font is used on the Yards? It has a nice mixture of old-time serif with something that makes it contemporary. Maybe it is the leg on the R. Sorry, I just read a book about fonts, so now I'm obsessed!

There's much to like about Yards in addition to their beer. Check out these facts:

Brewery Facts
  • Pennsylvania's first 100% wind-powered brewery.
  • Bar tops are reclaimed bowling alley lanes.
  • Floors made from recycled concrete
  • Block walls covered in earthen American clay.
  • Hot water collected and reused whenever possible.
  • All fixtures, furniture and equipment are reclaimed.
  • Salvaged mahogany trim on the bar and walls.
  • Century-old pool table originally manufactured a few blocks away at 222 S. 8th Street.
  • T-shirts and hats created from organic cotton.
  • Reusable growlers to reduce packaging and waste.
  • Grains donated to local farms as feed.
  • Yards cases are printed using 65% post-consumer recycled cardboard at a local SFI-certified manufacturer.
As a consumer who is interested in these things -- wind power, recycling, etc. --  I love that Yards is interested in keeping things local. (A pool table from just a few blocks away? Reclaimed furniture and fixtures? Fun!) Definitely makes me want to visit.

Michael and I  need to take a trip back to Philly and really see what this town has to offer in terms of beer and breweries. We clearly underestimated the City of Brotherly Love.

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