Sunday, January 22, 2012

jack black

Oh. My. God. It's been a crazy few months, crown-fans. Between the holidays, work, and me moving into a new apartment (!), there just hasn't been time for blogging. I apologize for anyone who has been relying on this blog for a source of entertainment and, of course, suggestions for new bottle caps. I will do my best to update regularly now that I'm a bit more settled.

So, despite the holidays being totally nuts, I did manage to find gobs and gobs of new bottle caps. And I had help tasting all of the beverages that went along with it. (Thanks Michael, Caroline, and Ryan!)  Their thoughts will be scattered throughout these posts. I was taking notes!

First up, Jack Black Blood Red Cola and Black Lemonade. Jack Black doesn't seem to have its own website, but is part of the "Real Soda" umbrella.

I admit that I love anything with a pirate theme*, and Jack Black doesn't disappoint in that area. Skulls and Crossbones adorn both crowns, and the bottles/labels also had witty phrases on them -- things like "This may be your only way out" and "Animal testing was consensual."  The crown even says, "Once you've jacked black, you never go back." (BUT stay tuned for the BEST bottle full of bizarre/hilarious phrases to come later this week...)

I'd say these bottle caps are pretty awesome. They are pirate-y. They are dark. They are witty. The drinks, however, were...well, interesting. The Black Lemonade was carbonated, which is kind of weird. And it was also bitter. The Blood Red Cola, I am sorry to report, was not red. It was just cola-y, nothing special, really. If it was red like, say, Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer, I'd be much more into it. Who doesn't want a red cola?

If you're looking for some pirate-themed crowns, though, seek out some Jack Black.

*Have I told my favorite pirate joke ever?  Voila:
"There's a new pirate movie coming out. I didn't hear much about it other than it's rated ARRRRR!"  OK, it's terrible. But I love it!


  1. Welcome Back!

    Great cap. Real Soda is a company which started out of the owners love for soda and Bottle Caps. The owner's name is Danny Ginsburg and he was once an active collector. He probably has over 100,000 crowns. The great graphics associated with Real Soda offerings are a direct relation to his understanding of marketing and his tie to the crown.

  2. Thanks Crowncap Kidd! I had no idea. It makes total sense though - a lot of the crowns I found over the break were "real soda" - you'll see from the posts this week. Danny sounds like a great guy for the crown cause.