Monday, January 30, 2012

pop goes the bubble

It was pretty funny when Caroline pulled this bottle out of the stacks of beverages in Straubs. She was laughing because it was covered in dust. Which made me SO excited. Have we not discussed my affinity for the sodas and beverages that have been long abandoned on the shelves of supermarkets across the country? If it's not dusty or weird looking, I don't want it.

Pop Goes The Bubble fulfills many categories for me. Covered in dust. Check. Weird color. Check. Funky bottle cap. Check. Tastes awful. Triple check.

This was another one that we couldn't wait to open up when we got back to Caroline and Ryan's house.  Pop Goes the Bubble? Yes please. Unfortunately, the taste of this beverage didn't match the fun crown or the party-in-a-bottle label. My notes from this tasting are as follows:

  "the back-side of my butt"
  "basset hound butt-hole"

I'm not making any of these up.

But the bottle cap has so much promise! It's a little bottle cap man with a funny hat! And it's a "Real Soda." Alas.

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