Monday, January 23, 2012


I know that this is a blog about bottle caps, but during my travels this past Christmas, I may have found one of the best bottles that I've ever seen. Leninade also hails from RealSoda, and despite having a website smack dab on the bottle cap, there is no such website. This. Is. Disappointing.

Before I get into Leninade, I do want to give a shout out to Caroline and Ryan Lober-Huston, Michael's sister and brother-in-law, who not only indulge me in my bottle cap obsession, but also drove Michael and I around St. Louis looking for sodas and beers, and didn't make fun of me (too much) when I bought 13-20 individual sodas at Straub's Grocery Store (see above). And then they helped me drink them so that I didn't have to take them on the plane with me. [Bottle caps are much easier to carry on a flight than full glass bottles of soda!]

OK, back to Leninade.  The bottle cap is admittedly cool. It did get a bit mangled when I took it off the bottle (this totally should have been a twist off. Why wasn't it?!). And how come no one got me a decent bottle opener for xmas? Ah well. But, the cap pales in comparison to the bottle, with what I think might have the coolest phrases ever:

  • Get hammered & Sickled!
  • Join the Party!
  • A Taste Worth Standing in line for!
  • Drink Comrade! Drink! It's This or the Gulag!
  • Beware the Repressed Communist Party Animal Who is Really a Proletarian in Denial Masquerading as a Bourgeois Cold War Monger!

There are more -- I don't know how they fit them all on the bottle -- but it's worth buying one just to chuckle while you sip your delicious lemonade. And just to prove how awesome the bottle is, it survived the move. Michael will tell you how much I threw away, and I just couldn't bear to part with this silly bottle and its funny phrases.


  1. Didn't dawn on me that it was Lenin-ade until I saw the cap. Age and late nights don't mix, I guess.

  2. Leninade has many varieties of bottle caps. I've seen at least 3.