Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sometimes, you have one of those days where everything just lines up the way you want them to.

As I believe I've mentioned before, Michael is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan. In 2006, when the Cardinals won the World Series, he had a few superstitions going, one of which included drinking a Schweppes Ginger Ale while watching every game.

When I mentioned to this to my mom this morning, she said that I should definitely blog about Schweppes, and I said that I couldn't because I didn't have a Schweppes bottle cap!

Lo and behold: today, on our walk to the deli to get a Schweppes, what did I see on the ground, calling up to me?

A Schweppes bottle cap! Now, I swear, I have NEVER seen Schweppes in a glass bottle in my neighborhood. Yet, there it was, top-up in a tree planter.

I think it's a sign that the Cardinals are going to win tonight. I hope I didn't just jinx it.

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