Monday, October 3, 2011

goose island

I will admit it: My mom totally encourages this blog. (Hi mom!) She sends me emails when she likes posts, and you may have even seen a comment or two from her on here.

But mostly, she tells me that she's been on the lookout for bottle caps for me, and now, every time I go home, there's a pile of crowns and usually a beer or soda for me to bring home with me. She even promised that she'd take me on a beer run in a few weeks. Score!

Last time I went home, she presented me with a nice haul. One of the crowns included in the pile is Goose Island, a beer hailing from the Windy City.

Goose Island also makes soda, which I've managed to find on my own.

Both of these bottle caps fit the bill, but I'm guessing, dear readers, that you can pick out which one I like better.

Yep, its the one with the goose on it. How can you not like a goose head on a bottle cap? It goes nicely with a Duck-Rabbit bottlecap. Maybe the goose and the duck/rabbit can be friends? Someone should write a children's story about it. I'm telling you, that idea is GOLDEN. Almost like a goose that laid golden eggs.

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