Wednesday, October 5, 2011

three stooges

When I first realized there was a Three Stooges beer, I was in St. Louis at the restaurant Blueberry Hill (owned by Chuck Berry). In the hallway near the bathrooms, BH has some fascinating display cases with pictures of famous people who have been to the restaurant and also some great collections of tv, music, and movie memorabilia. My favorite was the Beatles display, but, on my way out, something else caught my eye: a display of Three Stooges memorabilia, complete with the Three Stooges Beer, made by Panther Brewing Co.  Clearly, I missed the boat on this beer when it was being made, but that didn't mean I couldn't go on a quest to find the bottlecaps, which feature Larry, Moe, and Curley on them.

It didn't take too long, what with the internet and all. A search on eBay produced exactly what I wanted: a complete set of Three Stooges bottle caps -- with BOTH Curley crowns.

I have spoken about TV shows and their fake beers before and how there needs to be more fake-to-real beers made. I have also spoken about Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale and the awesomeness that is their bottle cap. But this is the first time I've seen the actual TV/movie stars ON the bottle caps. And who better than the Stooges? Maybe the Marx Brothers, but that might be asking a lot.

Is there a Beatles Beer that I'm not aware of with John, Paul, George and Ringo on the bottle caps? Someone should get on that, stat.

By the way, I think it goes without saying that these are definitely Hall of Famers.

And a last note, here is Moe, Slap Happy. Enjoy!


  1. Great caps!

    ...but (and maybe I should have told you this in private) what you have here is 4 of a 9 crown set from Lakeport Brewing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Lakeport is now owned by Labatt. The set is from 2003.

    Do not be too disappointed however because indeed there are US "Three Stooges" caps from the beer marketing company "Panther Brewing". In 1998 there was a 4 cap set which included a "Panther Brewing Co." cap. Additionally in 1999 "Panther" released a 15 cap Three Stooges set (5 Moe, 4 Larry, 6 Curley). Again in 1999 they produced a 6 cap set for a product called "Curley Light". These caps were silver in color as opposed to the yellow caps. All these sets are very difficult to find complete and the Curley Light is IMPOSSIBLE.

    The Canadian version is somewhat more common, it's still possible to find these caps in trade or via Ebay. If your seller mentioned complete set, either they were unaware or not truthful. If you care to see images of any or all of the sets complete drop me a note.

    Lastly, there are no Beatles caps, I've seen KISS crowns but only in print and they might be fake. Other than that, to my knowledge, there are no US based crowns with images of movie or TV personalities other then the 3 Stooges I mention above. In other countries, it is actually common (especially athletes and pop stars).

  2. Oh no! I didn't even get the rare ones? I guess on ebay if they were rare they would have been snatched up faster than I could have gotten them! I guess I'll just keep looking for the full set. :(
    Why are the Curley Light caps so hard to get? Someone has to have gotten some! Probably all of the 3 Stooges fans snatched them up and don't want to share with the bottle cap collectors! No fair!
    Thanks, as always, for the interesting/helpful factoids! Now I know to be on the lookout for more Three Stooges crowns....

  3. I have an unopened six pack with Moe, Curly, and Larry on three caps and the others say Panther Brewing Co., 1998? Do you know how I can find out how much they are worth? Thanks. Dianna