Tuesday, October 4, 2011

colt 45

Michael and I love to explore a new neighborhood. Recently we visited a friend who just bought an apartment in Clinton Hill, and we were on our way over to have dinner on his fabulous roof deck and check out the new pad. Apartment envy set in.

But on our way over to the gorgeous new apartment, I was scanning the streets for new and unusual bottle caps -- something different than the Heineken, Smirnoff, and Coronas that I usually find on my street.

Just my luck: a (slightly beat up) Colt 45 was right in front of me, glinting in the sun.

Colt 45 is one of those beverages that I am HAPPY to pick up off the street, if it means that I never actually have to drink one. And it's not to be confused with the other kind of Colt 45, which I hope no one ever finds on the street. That's just dangerous.

Anywhoo, this malt liquor bottle cap is fancier than I thought it would be. It has a bold blue Colt 45, proudly announces that it's malt liquor (why would you do that?!) and also has a horseshoe and a horse, bucking in said horseshoe. There is also the background silver/white Colt 45 name repeated underneath the blue. It's almost TOO busy for its own good. But I admire what they're trying to do there.

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