Sunday, October 16, 2011


I love my loyal fans here at Super Cool Bottle Caps. About two weeks ago, I received a DM on Twitter from @PourCurator (Greg) saying that he'd slipped some bottle caps in the mail for me. YAY! I've always loved coming home to a package full of crowns. I couldn't wait to see what they were!

One of the cooler bottle caps of the bunch was Otto's Pub and Brewery's own bottle cap.

It's simple, but it works. Script font across a black bottle cap. When in doubt, I always say go for simplicity. Or an animal. Either one works.

While doing a quick scan of the Otto's website, I noticed that they also have a great video showing their bottling plant at the brewpub.

As I learned many years ago from my obsession with the show Unwrapped on the Food Network, any show or video that features assembly/bottling lines is instantly entertaining. But the bottles (and crowns) that they use in the video don't seem to be the ones that Greg sent. Are there more out there? Were they using generic bottle caps before, and now have custom? Inquiring minds want to know.

P.S. Those glass beer mugs with "Otto's Pub Club" etched in look very cool. Otto's, do you sell them? I didn't seem them in your "gift shop"!


  1. Glad you liked some of the caps!

    For what it's worth, Otto's also makes a cider called Keewaydin, which was bottled with blank crown caps, so there's clearly some variety there.

    Also, my guess is, if the mugs are part of a "mug club," that are auctioned or sold every year to regulars, and are not available for retail sale.

  2. there it is... I knew it would happen.

    I need that cap, Greg, Lauren... contact me.