Wednesday, July 27, 2011

stone brewing

On my trip to the Midwest this summer, we had a birthday party for one of my hosts. His son-in-law came up to me upon arrival, with a six pack in hand. Check this out, he said, as he showed me four different types of bottle cap, all from Stone Brewing Co.

I will admit that we didn't have the correct bottle opener to properly extract these caps from their bottles, but I think we did a pretty good job considering our restrictions.

It's a nice variety of bottle caps: the gargoyle drinking a frosty brew, the gargoyle with the brewery name, and then some odd ones that are very utilitarian. I'm sure there are more in the series, but this was all I was able to get. The ones with the gargoyle are great. The 100% Natural and the website bottle cap? Eh, it makes me think that Stone Brewing ran out of ideas, but still wanted to keep the series going. They could have had two gargoyles toasting, or even a gargoyle stirring a brew kettle or something. Clearly they have the imagination to have a gargoyle drinking a beer -- lets take it one step further!

As for the taste, honestly, the IPAs were a little too hoppy for me to really enjoy them, and I think I switched to a different beer about halfway through my bottle.


  1. careful now, you obviously have never seen all of the Stone caps produced. For their 8th and 10 anniversaries they had many many different designs. Even for their Arrogant Bastard line of caps there is a whole different grouping of picturesque images and direct statements to be absorbed by the consumer. And, this is not a series, Stone caps are a true set... similar to the Pointed Heads and Weinhardts crowns. For bottle cap nerds like me (and probably you as well) there is a distinct difference and it should be known.

  2. Thanks Crowcap Kidd! I did mention above that I didn't see all of them, and were sure there are more around. I was (and always am) just reviewing what is in front of me at the moment! that is why I love having the blog - so that there are opportunities to see/find out about what I can't get to immediately. It also gives me an opportunity to go back to beverages covered in past when new caps come across my desk.