Thursday, July 21, 2011


A while back, I mentioned that Crowncap Kidd had sent me a pretty sweet haul of new bottle caps.  I previewed a few of them early on, but have yet to really dive into the awesome crowns I received.
This changes now!

Youngs Brewery, hailing from Merry Old England (where I will be traveling later this summer), has a pretty great bottle cap.  Dark blue with a white ram head, yet slightly modernist in its image -- and even has that "is it a ram or is it a Y" thing going on.

It has an animal on it, which is a plus. It has a Y, which stands for Youngs. Would I know, though, by looking at it that it is a UK beer called Youngs? Probably not.  I understand it would take away from the minimalist theme they have going if they actually put Youngs on there, but it would certainly help with brand recognition, especially in the US.

It looks like Wells and Youngs recently merged, and although I haven't blogged about it yet, I have tried Wells Banana Bread Beer (which is quite delicious).  I'll blog about that one another time!


  1. Funny you mentioned the "Y" on this cap... I've never noticed it before, obviously the crown designers here were going for the subliminal thing. In fact, I now see the "Y", the ram staring straight at me and also 2 ram's about to buck horns in what is sure to be some sort of macho head smashing duel.

    There are a few different colors of this crown design, a couple more can be found in my link below.

  2. I guess that Youngs wanted there to be lots of different ways to view the cap! Glad I could provide a new angle.