Monday, July 25, 2011


I'm sure that my devoted bottle cap connoisseurs know that there is a candy out there specifically for us.  It is a Wonka product, and it is, fittingly, called Bottle Caps. They taste suspiciously like Smarties, or Necco Wafers, but not quite as crumbly. I'm sure that I've previously mentioned my love for old-fashioned candy, but if not, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. Bring me a Mary Jane, a Squirrel Nut Zipper, some Beamans Gum, or even a Bit-o-Honey and I am a happy camper.

Wonka's Bottle Caps easily fall into this category. However, a quick search on Wikipedia doesn't give me the date that they were originally released to the market. This makes it difficult for me to decide if it is really old-fashioned enough for me to dig it properly.

Currently, the flavors are root beer, cherry, grape, orange, and cola -- all potential soda flavors. When tasting them, really the only flavors that stand out are root beer and cola. The rest all sort of taste the same. Apparently there was a time when there was a lemon-lime instead of cherry. I long for those days, and I didn't even know they existed up until about 10 minutes ago.

Either way, it was a lot of fun to find, and then eat, said bottle caps. Especially on a hot day in NYC when a sugar rush was necessary. The only complaint? No way to close the box after munching on a few! Michael had to put the whole box in his pocket, because if I had tried to put the box in my purse, there would have just been a lot of dusty sugar at the bottom of my bag.

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