Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I know I blogged briefly about Frostie in the past, but I feel it's necessary to bring up a new bottle cap, and with it, a new story.

Driving back from Kansas City through central Missouri, we saw many interesting billboards. Lots for fireworks, Antique Malls and the Mizzou team store. But my absolute favorite billboards were the ones for Nostalgiaville, USA. They were incredibly insistent (billboard after billboard after billboard for nearly sixty miles) on us visiting them, and despite Michael's protests, we ended up pulling off I-70 on exit 148 and checking out what proved to be an excellent nostalgia trip. So, yeah, the advertising worked

They had old bottles with soda. They had tin signs. They had sections devoted to Bettie Boop, Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, I Love Lucy, and Elvis. They even had a fridge chock full of.. yes... Frostie sodas.  They had Blue Cream Soda, Root Beer, Cherry Limeade and others. I was VERY tempted to get a Blue Cream Soda (by the way, what is up with all of the colored cream sodas? I've seen red, blue, honey and clear. Any thoughts on the cream soda color craze?). But, before I could place my money on the counter, I spied a bottle cap turned upside down in a mostly empty garbage pail. Yes, I admit it. I dumpster-dove for a Frostie Root Beer Bottle Cap. And then I didn't buy a soda.

I would like to publicly apologize here to Nostalgiaville, and offer this as my penance: Go shop there! They have awesome stuff. They sell bottles of Vitameatavegamin (even if it is candy). And of course, they sell a wide variety of Frostie Sodas, which are delicious. Should you be in central Missouri (it might happen), I highly suggest you check it out. Or face the wrath of their billboards.

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