Wednesday, March 16, 2011

heineken, heineken light, smirnoff

In a lead up to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I wanted to include some green bottle caps in this blog.  What better way to do so than through Heineken.  But Lauren,  you are thinking, Heineken is not an Irish beer!  I know! I know. But I don't have a lot of Irish beer in the repertoire yet, so this will have to do.  And I'm thinking that maybe I'll drink a Guinness in honor of St. Patrick's Day and post the bottle cap here later this week. I'm crazy like that.

The Heineken and Heineken Light bottle caps were procured through nefarious means.  I will say no more than that.

I will admit I've had more than my fair share of Heineken in my day, and I would prefer to leave that all behind me in the hopes that I will drink many delicious microbrews and more flavorful beers.  But Heineken serves its purpose. I will not deny that sometimes on a hot day, in the middle of a relentless NYC summer, a Heineken really can hit the spot.

But I will say that light beers in general are not very good. They lose any taste that was once in the original, and usually just taste gross.  I can live without them.

Smirnoff is another beverage that I will admit I don't drink much of.  And to be honest, I can't remember the last time I actually had one.  Maybe college. The bottle caps are cool though, and I know it's worth getting the whole set. So, maybe I'll have to swallow my pride -- and a few Smirnoffs -- and try out their line of beverages.  Anyone buying?!

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