Thursday, June 9, 2011

bad frog

Second Street Antiques was an embarrassment of riches. Not only did I get the Miller Girl caps and two Schlitz caps, but I also found something that is definitely a contender for the Hall of Fame.

Bad Frog. You are bad-ass. Self-described as The Beer So Good...It's Bad, Bad Frog seems to be more about marketing than actual beer. If you read their history you'll see that they actually started making t-shirts for Bad Frog Beer, and then people started asking for said beer! HA!

So, the Bad Frog is giving you (and me) the finger on this pretty awesome bottle cap. But part of me thinks, man, if I put this sucker in the HOF, that is just one more feather in the Bad Frog cap! They didn't even want to make beer at first! Their website is clearly for people who have Attention Deficit Disorder. WTF?

But on the other hand, it's a badass frog. Under the cap it says, "Flip the Bird Get a Frog." It's colorful. It's eye catching. It really has all of the requirements for a HOF entry. Readers, I think I want to leave this one up to you. HOF? Leave your comments & I can tally them over the weekend.

And I want to leave you with this -- next week is killer for me. I will probably not be able to post at all but I will try my best to find some new crowns during my travels. So have an awesome week, and I'll see you on the flip side.


  1. This is a sweet cap. The shirt before the beer is a bit diffferent, but it's part of their story. It is a conundrum. I would put it in the HOF.

  2. Granted the graphics on this cap are unique, back in the day, it was really something to be the one with these in the collection or for trade. I think however, this frog deems himself too cool for school.

    When there is limited material to compare to, I agree this is HOF material. But, knowing the caps I've seen/have this misses just slightly. Your collection is different. You need to ask however if you let this Frog in... do you grant access to all of it's family? see link

  3. Guys! I need more votes! So far you just cancel each other out and I'd prefer not to be the tiebreaker :)