Tuesday, June 21, 2011


On my travels for work, I managed to pick up a few new sodas that I will highlight this week.  One of the more unusual root beers I came across (this one from a Whole Foods in LA) was Hawaii's Waialua.  Which made me think: can I find a root beer bottle cap from all 50 states? Beer bottle caps? Cola bottle caps? I'm sure that I'm already well on my way (and I did just find another one today, thanks to a fantastic cheese shop in the West Village).   Faithful readers, I hope you'll help me find the local root beer brews in each city I go to.  Upcoming destinations:  Kansas City, Philadelphia, Hartford, CT -- I'll also be in St. Louis, but I already have Fitz's covered... so if there are any others, lemme know! Leave me a comment if there is anything I should be looking out for. Also, if you know of a good online map system that I can plug into the blog so that I can track the progress. Any feedback is appreciated!

Anyway, back to Wailalua.  This was purchased for a lunch on the go, that sadly, was never eaten (damn you 12 hour days!).  But the root beer was saved and enjoyed with a delicious burrito dinner late at night in my hotel room after a VERY long day of work. It was smooth and refreshing. It has a hula girl on the bottle cap. I think that any soda or beer out of Hawaii is pretty much obligated to have a hula girl, palm tree, macadamia nut or umm.. a roasted pig... on the cap and/or label. Hula girl? Check.

At Whole Foods, I believe there were a few options for crazy flavors, but since I was on the clock, I didn't want to tip my hand as to what I was doing, so root beer it was.  I wonder if other Whole Foods carry Waialua so that I can do additional taste tests.  I'll definitely have to check it out.

I have a few more bottle caps from my travels. Stay tuned!

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