Tuesday, June 7, 2011

stevens point brewery/point premium root beer

I've written about Stevens Point Brewery before -- there was a little controversy about the "coolness" of the Whole Hog bottle cap a few weeks ago.

I came across Point Premium Root Beer in the Milwaukee Public Market (do you think my tourism dollars had any effect on the local economy?? I hope so!) and was excited -- and overwhelmed -- at the series of caps before me. I wanted all of them, but Michael was trying to reign me in. How much soda and beer could we drink in a day? We couldn't bring it with us on the plane (damn you TSA and your no liquids on the aircraft!) and we only had a day to drink it. And frankly, opening it, taking one sip and then dumping the rest is just wasteful - unless it's a malta -- so I really had to chose my battles, and try to get a variety of caps, instead of many in a series.

Point Premium Root Beer bottle caps remind me of Henry Weinhard's soda line (Can't Top This! Flip My Lid!) Dear readers -- who started this trend? Was it Henry? Was it Steven? Someone else that I have yet to discover? Which ones do you like better? Who has better slogans?


  1. Well technically these are considered a "set" not series, but that is an explanation or topic for another time. Weinhard was waaaay, before Steven's point. The first time I saw Weinhard's was circa '96 while the Pointed heads set of 7 first showed it's face in 2006.

    As far as better slogans... it's a wash, both a real cool.

  2. A set and not a series? OK... I guess I'm still learning the lingo!

    Are there any other companies that have sets like this? Or are these the two main ones?

    Good to know about Weinhard's being first. Do you think they were mad when Stevens Point ripped off their idea?!