Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Schlitz is a beer oft associated with Milwaukee and rightly so. Their website, I will admit, is pretty great despite their bare-bones timeline. Check out their TV advertising! Check our their downloads! Want a ring tone? Want a Schlitz desktop image? Look no further. And why is that woman forcing Schlitz to her man (who is bowling)? Why are they bowling?!? And the most important question: why isn't the image of the bowling man with woman from the '50s a prominent download? I want THAT to be my desktop image! And can they make that an image on a bottle cap? I'd buy that, too.

This bottle cap, which I'm guessing is older, was purchased at the amazing antique market where I also got the Miller cork lined cap and the Schlitz Malt Liquor. Upon reflection, neither Michael nor I have ever actually HAD a Schlitz. I believe that Shotz (Laverne & Shirley) is supposed to be Schlitz... I won't show the theme song again though.

This bottle cap is another case of the twist off OR use opener instructions, which I am growing to love. Seriously, if you can twist it off, just do it! I love that I'm given a choice, but if you know it's that easy to get the cap off... I don't know... that's just an extra step in my mind (and an opportunity to ruin your bottle cap, which no one wants. At least I don't!)

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