Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the pop shoppe

Now, this is how you do retro.

The Pop Shoppe hails from our neighbor up north, Canada. With a crazy-looking bottle, and a retro looking logo, The Pop Shoppe just LOOKS like fun, and you know you're going to enjoy the beverage you're about to drink.

The Lime Rickey I drank was purchased from good ol' Old 52 from that shipment I received about a month ago (can you tell that I'm a little backlogged? Crowncap Kidd, I have some of yours on the roster coming up!).  Thinking back to when I ordered the soda, I realize that I picked the lime rickey because I had never had one before. Upon reflection, I realize that I probably should have gotten the root beer or the black cherry.  The Lime Rickey was delicious, though. I think that if the Pop Shoppe made a cherry cola, I would be madly in love. And they might even give Sprechers a run for that special place in my heart.  Pop Shoppe: Get on that!

Check out the bottle cap. Red and white, upper and lower case PoP (which looks way better on the bottle cap than when I type it) and the great twist design and white stripes. Foxon Park could take a lesson from The Pop Shoppe on how to do old timey.

And I highly recommend that you check out the website. It has some crazy animation and sound fx. Enjoy!

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