Monday, June 20, 2011

dr pepper

Last week I had to travel for work. I went to Austin and Los Angeles. But working didn't keep me from my quest to find new and awesome bottle caps.

While I was in Austin, I managed to pop into a convenience store to check out the beverage situation.  And boy was I in for a treat.

Dr. Pepper is bottled just a few hours outside of Austin, and the so-called "weird city" has the privilege of not only having Dr Pepper made near by, but they also have original Dr. Pepper (made with real sugar --- not corn syrup).  And what did I find in the deli? A Dublin Dr Pepper! Hurray!

This was the one bottle that I didn't drink on the road -- I knew that Michael would want to taste it as well. Carefully wrapped in my clothes (and a plastic bag), the Dr Pepper traveled home with me for a delicious taste test right here in NYC.

The bottle cap is standard Dr Pepper fare. Nothing to really write home about. But the fact that its on a bottle made with real sugar makes it special in my eyes!


  1. welcome back. Great crown... do you have any info on the significance of the "23"?

  2. Thanks Crowncap Kidd! It's good to be back. I believe the 23 represents the "23 flavors" that mixed together in every bottle of Dr Pepper.