Thursday, June 2, 2011

mystery cap!

It's time for another Mystery Cap! This one was found at the aforementioned Junk Store. What is it?! And how can it be twist off AND pry off? Fascinating....


  1. yeah this is a tougher one.'s Schlitz Malt Liquor from the mid-late 1970's. Difficult cap to find these days.

    and to answer your other question... any "twist off" crown can be pryed off. Schlitz want's to give you options on how best to open their terrible brew.

  2. Thanks Crowncap Kidd! This one was found with a sharp eye in a junk store! it was in a tiny display all the way in the back. And the guy who got it out for me was quite surly. Maybe he missed and/or wanted to drink his Schlitz Malt Liquor.