Monday, April 4, 2011

my pop's root beer, frostie root beer

This will be the last installment of the crownvention blog posts. (Sorry I missed Thursday! I got a bit backlogged with afterwork events this week!)  Today's theme is root beer.

My Pop's Root Beer is a fun cap with bright colors, fun fonts, and circles that might be bubbles. It just seems exciting to drink -- doesn't this crown make you want to drink a root beer?

And from the 10-for-a-dollar box, I found a Frostie Root Beer cap. This one is fun in a different way: there is a gnome or elf or some sort of magical creature seemingly excited at the prospect of you drinking a Frostie. And who doesn't want to drink a Frostie Root beer? No really, who?

Last night, Michael and I met up with some friends at a local pool hall. One of the options on the menu was a root beer float. It made me hope that it was either Pop's or Frostie on tap. Unfortunately, it was neither, so we didn't get a float. But we did play some foozball and Big Buck Hunter, which was a good second option.

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