Tuesday, August 2, 2011

bacardi silver mojito

There is an apartment-building on my block that always has bottle caps in front. Recently, there has been a run of Bacardi crowns littering the streets -- and not just any ol' Bacardi, but rather their "silver" line of pre-mixed beverages. The kind of beverages that, frankly, I'm glad they're drinking and leaving the caps around. That means I don't have to drink them. They might be tasty and all, but I still prefer my mixed beverages to be, you know, mixed.

One cap that I've found a few (well two) incarnations of is Bacardi Silver Mojito.

Personally, I like the black crown with the script. Michael aptly described it as a visit to a nightclub in every bottle.

At my deli, they have only Mojito, Raspberry, and Strawberry flavors. But I am now on a quest for the Watermelon. Anyone got it? Wanna trade? Is it as awesome as I hope it will be?

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