Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tesalia springs co.

According to Wikipedia, Machachi is located in Ecuador. That's basically all you get.

What you don't learn is that Machachi, in Ecuador, also has a spring water bottling company called The Tesalia Springs Co (which, strangely on their website, is also called The Thessaly Springs Co. Did something get lost in translation?)

Tesalia Springs Co--AKA Machichi Ecuador bottle cap with a cool polar bear on it--was found in a very dark and dingy deli in Corona. This is a revelation for me as a bottle cap collector. It meets the requirements: Name of company: check. Cool animal: check. Place where it's from: check! Does it matter that their website isn't in English? NO!

Hop on a subway and go a few stops and there is a whole new world. The woman behind the counter spoke absolutely no English. The water tasted like agua con gas. Nothing special. Yet. Imported, Ecuadorian Spring Water can be had in NYC for less than $2. Brilliant.

The only question is: why is there a polar bear on the bottle cap? The last I checked, polar bears didn't live in Ecuador.

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