Sunday, August 7, 2011

magic hat

Last week I had dinner with a very good friend of mine. We are both making a concerted effort to spend more time together (in NYC it can be easy to go weeks/months without seeing friends -- life just has a tendency to get in the way).

The restaurant we went to for dinner was BYOB, and she texted me while on the way that she was picking up the beer. Hurray! In retrospect, I should've told her to get a mixed six-pack, but it was too late.

Luckily, she came to dinner with a six pack of Magic Hat #9.  How can I complain about that? And it was then that I realized that I haven't actually blogged about Magic Hat yet.

Magic Hat is both awesome and terrible for collectors of bottle caps. On the one hand, they have fantastic sayings underneath each bottle cap.  Examples?
  • Poise and Grace Keep Egg Off Your Face
  • Try to Impress And You Make a Mess
  • Never Decline A Number 9
You could also just go to the @MyMagicHat twitter feed for a constant stream of witticisms by Magic Hat.

But the terrible aspect is that Magic Hat only has one main type of bottle cap (up top) -- the place where I'm most interested in diversity & design.

Magic Hat, I must ask -- why, if you enjoy the phrases below, do you not vary your bottle cap above? It seems only logical that you would want to give variety and color to your bottle cap BEFORE people take it off to drink your tasty beers. And then, while drinking and enjoying, to be able to read the quotes and also admire the variation in design.

It also brings me to the question that my faithful readers can hopefully answer: what other bottle caps have phrases underneath? Are any as varied as Magic Hat?

Also, have any of you ever won the bottle cap opener? (hint, hint, Magic Hat!)


  1. I am not a big fan of Magic Hat. I don't particularly like their brews... well OK, faced with a choice I'd pick a different craft beer. And their crowns... com'on time to change things up. Maybe just boring to me because the product is all over upstate NY.

    Hmm bottle opener by sending in a smashed crown? I wounder if they would take offense if you sent in mangled up old Pabst or Bud cap. Think they'd still send you one of those crown damaging openers? Ha!

  2. Crowncap Kidd - I dare you to send them a Pabst cap! That might be hilarious!