Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the duck-rabbit

When I arrived home earlier this week, there was a package full of bottle caps waiting for me. Ryan, a faithful reader, had sent me quite the collection. A few bottle caps really stood out, and one in particular caught my eye -- I just had to write about it this week!

The Duck-Rabbit is a microbrewery out of North Carolina with a very cool logo. They've been around since 2004, and specialize in dark beer. It looks like as of right now they are only distributed in North Carolina, so if anyone is traveling there and feels like bringing me back a brew or two, go right ahead! I'd probably like the Milk Stout the best. I'll be right here, blogging about bottle caps.

The Duck-Rabbit also reminds me of Duck! Rabbit! the book, the classic Looney Tunes cartoon on Duck Season/Wabbit Season (see below), and The Duck & Bunny: A Snuggery from when Michael lived in Providence for a year. The Duck & Bunny was an adorable tea shop that had cupcakes, crepes, and other delicious nibbly things. It was not far from Michael's apartment, and we often walked by, and dropped in to work and read in the afternoon on a Saturday.

Readers: how many other duck/rabbit hybrids can you think of? Why do ducks and bunnies make such great companions?

And thank you Ryan, for the awesome haul.  Keep on drinking 'em, and I'll keep on writing about them!

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