Wednesday, April 27, 2011

brooklyn brewery

Ah, Brooklyn Brewery.  It really is lovely having a microbrewery in the city, and the opportunity to go on a brewery tour anytime I want. I've been on the tour -- and although it is just one room, (well, two rooms if you count where you go buy the beer afterward!) it is still a good time. They allow you to order in food while you wait for your tour, and the room is big and raucous.

Their bottle caps are simple, elegant and come in many, many colors. And even without the name Brooklyn Brewery emblazoned on the cap, I bet that most people from the tri-state area would be able to pick this bottle cap out in a lineup. Being one of the top 40 breweries in the country probably doesn't hurt either.

I find myself wanting to drink Brooklyn Brewery more when I'm not in NYC, though.  Maybe it is nostalgia for home, or maybe it's the closest thing to a good beer when there is only Miller and Budweiser around. Who knows? But I love their seasonal brews, and BB gives me something to look forward during each season: Summer Ale, Post Road, and the ever-delicious, year-round Pennant Ale (just in time for baseball season!)

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