Sunday, April 3, 2011

dry soda

The other day, Michael called me at work: "Have you ever had a Dry Soda? They have them at the health food store I'm in." I was excited. I had recently started following Dry on Twitter, but had not actually tasted their soda yet. That night, while watching a movie, we broke out the soda, and boy was it tasty! Michael got a juniper berry soda and it was just the right combination of sweet and fizz.

The bottle cap is understated in its design: Purple dots on a silver cap. It doesn't give me everything I want in a cap (no name!) but it is elegant. Dry Soda, if you ever do a redesign, make sure to put the name of your company on there! Years and years from now, don't you want future bottle cap bloggers to know who you are? Or at least put an animal on there. That's a good second option.

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