Monday, April 18, 2011


While at the grocery store this week, gazing at the large selection of beers and sodas available to me, I wondered if there were any holidays coming up that might warrant a blog post. Last one I focused on (if you can recall, faithful readers) was St. Patrick's Day. I'm an equal opportunity blogger, so Passover seemed like an excellent reason to blog about He'brew, The Chosen Beer. Shmaltz, the parent company, also makes Coney Island Lager, whose familiar crown you'll recognize if you follow me on Twitter.

OK, the name alone is amazing. He'brew?! If you are a fan of puns this has to be in your wheelhouse. Shmaltz? C'mon!! Don't Pass Out, Passover?!?!?!?!? How this is not in every Jewish home across the country I will never know. I say we start a campaign with Rabbis across the nation for a national Jewish beer-drinking holiday. The motto can be:  Who needs Manischewitz when you have He'brew? Or if you can come up with a slogan with a pun, all the better.

Happy Passover, everyone! As the bottle cap says, L'chaim!


  1. Hi Lauren-

    Thanks for your post on HE'BREW Beer! We try to leave no pun unturned, but our mission has always been to combine art, community, and shtick with flavorful, high-quality craft beer. Ironically, HE'BREW always gets attention around Passover, which is the one holiday for which HE'BREW, as well as any other beer, is NOT Kosher. We are Kosher-certified, but all items consumed during Passover must have a higher "Kosher for Passover" certification and basically nothing with yeast or sprouted grain is "Kosher for Passover." So, no beer at all for 8 days (!) but we strongly encourage folks to "break the fast" at Passover's end with HE'BREW. And we actually have brewed a Manischewitz-inspired beer called Rejewvenator. It's a Belgian-style dubbel/doppelbock hybrid brewed with Concord grapes, and while it was was a seasonal, there may still be some bottles lurking about.

    Over the next couple months we'll be rolling out brand spanking new HE'BREW bottle caps. They're from the same manufacturer as our snazzy new Coney Island caps, and it's been a long-awaited makeover for the Chosen Beer.

    All the best, l'chaim!

    Shmaltz Brewing

  2. Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for posting & giving some more insight into He'brew! I didn't think the beer was Kosher for passover, but it is a good excuse to talk about your bottle caps! I can't wait for the new ones to roll out. I'll keep an eye out.

    When we were at the store, the Rejewvenator was actually what we ended up getting! Delicious, and much better than traditional Manischewitz.