Wednesday, April 13, 2011

lion brewery, alaskan brewing co

Another day, another blog post about animals! Are we sensing a theme here? Actually, I don't have that many animal bottle caps, but the ones I do have seem to be begging for their 15 minutes of fame.

As you can tell, Crownvention was an amazing opportunity to find all sorts of bottle caps from all over the world. One crown I kept seeing over and over again was the Alaskan Brewing Co.'s "Made in Alaska" crown. Two polar bears -- a momma bear and a baby bear.  Same design for all crowns, but lots of different colors. Another great starting point for you beginner crown collectors. The one I got at Crownvention is purple with pink highlights. Who doesn't love a polar bear?

While at a local deli with a large selection of beers, I find myself choosing beers based entirely on what their bottle cap looks like.  New criteria for Lauren purchasing a beer: Do I have the bottle cap already? Is it unusual or visually striking? Does it have a lion on it? If these questions are answered correctly, the beer is mine. Recently I found Lion Brewery, a beer purveyor in Pennsylvania and their brew Lion's Head. Upon researching this brewery, I also noticed that they make soda! Which now makes me wonder: Is their soda crown different than their beer? I will certainly be keeping my eyes out for their soda as well.

The beer was delicious -- and the crown is awesome  A lion's claw mid-swipe, with a "claw off" instruction. Why twist when you can claw? It might be my new motto.

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  1. Lions, tigers, bears, turtles, penguins, hippos. etc.... yup the animal caps are great. Awesome graphics and like you say, the visually striking images can persuade the purchase.

    To be honest however, I wonder how many in the marketing departments of beverage related businesses realize this.

    Anyway, I've linked a few more Alaskan crowns... I need to disagree on the taste of the "Lion's Paw". To each their own however. Oh- and the soda caps from "The Lion" in Wilkes Barr, PA are different.