Wednesday, April 20, 2011

rebel, badass, rogue

Are you a Rebel or are you a Badass? Let's see, if you're a Rebel, you might be from the Czech Republic.  If you're a Badass, you might be Kid Rock. If you're a bottle cap collector, you could be either one. Or you could be Rogue...

I purchased Rebel at our local supermarket, and I'll be honest: the only reason I bought Rebel was because of the name and the prospect of writing a blog post about this and Badass (Badass was purchased at crownvention!).

Rebel was a surprisingly good beer. It didn't just taste like another Budweiser. It's the kind of beer that I would consider buying again. High praise, indeed.

I didn't realize that Kid Rock had his own beer. It makes me wonder what other celebrity beers are out there. I've never listened to Kid Rock's music (if you can call it that) but if I ever find Badass beer in my local bodega, I'll try it if only for the name. But seriously, why is Kid Rock making a beer? What's the deal with celebrities thinking they need to make beer or clothing lines or perfumes? Celebrities should stick to what they do best -- being celebrities. Because, really, are they brewing the beer or coming up with the designs for the clothes, or are they just paying other people to do the heavy lifting and swooping in at the last minute and saying "Yes, I like this. I'm a badass. Now I will put my name on it." Is that the scenario? (I'm asking you, Kid Rock.) In that case, I want to be a celebrity and just have my name attached to things. If you're going to endorse something (Pepsi, Coke, TD Bank, etc) that's all fine and well for your bank account, but these "this is mine, I created it" ideas just seems like a bunch of bull to me. In other words, Kid Rock, just because you call your beer Badass doesn't make it (or you) so. Hmmm, in the end, maybe I'm more of a Rogue....

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