Tuesday, March 29, 2011

appalachian brewing company

Welcome to entry 2 in my week-long look at Crownvention.

Of the many things to do in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas, taking a trip to the Appalachian Brewing Company is a must. Great food, loads of brew on tap, and, of course, beer and root beer brewed right on premises.

When Michael and I arrived for dinner after a full day of conventions and sight-seeing, we stumbled upon a restaurant full of people excited for some food, some drink, and apparently a concert by a band called The Clarks. (Michael and I had never heard of them but everyone was wearing t-shirts and seemed stoked for the show to begin. They're a band hailing from Pittsburgh, so the home-town feel was definitely in the air.)

While we were waiting (it ended up being about a 45 minute wait), we hung out at the bar, watched the end of a NCAA basketball game, and drank some beer. When we finally sat down for dinner, we each ordered a diet Root beer. My Tree-Hugger veggie burger was HUGE -- I definitely couldn't finish it -- and Michael ordered the Drunken Shepherd's Pie, which he was very pleased with. The diet Root Beer also hit the spot, so much so that we purchased a bottle of regular root beer for the road. The regular root beer has more spice to it, as well as a stronger after taste.  I prefer the regular, but I think Michael liked the diet. We should have gotten a bottle of that, too!

The bottle cap is also noteworthy -- a bear claw (or some sort of animal claw) with a seal of excellence and a nice, clean design.  It also fulfills an important requirement for me -- the name of the brewery, so that I know what it is after it has been sitting in my collection for a while.

Speaking of which, in the coming weeks I will have a few "mystery caps" that I hope my loyal readers can help me decipher. When your bottle cap has only a bird on it, or a star  --- well, it makes it hard to remember what it is. Keep that in mind, bottling companies!

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  1. Appalachian Brewing was one of the sponsors of the show. They had at least a couple beers on tap in the hospitality room and I think they brought a few cases as well. Every year they (and Troegs) represent nicely. Wasn't aware they used their crowns on their soda as well.

    So glad you enjoyed the show.