Sunday, March 27, 2011


Phew! It was an absolutely crazy weekend! After a full week of work, Michael and I hopped in our car and drove 3 1/2 hours to Harrisburg, PA to attend the Spring Thaw/Crownvention.  Even though it was a three-day affair, Michael and I could only make it for Saturday. Rooms and rooms of bottle caps, cans, and other drinking paraphanalia. It was amazing! I found a bunch of caps that I had been looking for (stay tuned for upcoming posts on all sorts of interesting crowns). You could spend as much or as little on caps as you wanted--I dug through a cardboard box that had 10 caps for a dollar, and Michael was very generous and bought me a few cork-lined caps as gifts!  It was win-win, with Michael even finding a beer can for his father.

Michael and I also took the opportunity to explore Harrisburg, Lancaster County, and Hershey PA as well.  Lancaster County was great--with handmade Amish pretzles, all-you-can-eat buffets, horse and buggies, and lots of antiques, quilts, and ceramics. We had fun having a car (in NYC the subway is our car), driving around and having a weekend in "the country."

This post will be sans-cap photo, but don't worry--this week will be full of new caps and new stories. And if you were at Crownvention, feel free to share your stories, too!

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