Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hillbilly brew, fudgy chocolate, it's peachy, try it!

Day three of Crownvention coverage commences now!

Hillbilly Brew (a poor-man's Mountain Dew), Fudgy Chocolate, and It's Peachy, Try It! are three caps found, much to my excitement, at Crownvention. They were purchased solely for their looks. I know, I know, how superficial of me. I've never had any of these beverages and it's difficult to find info online (so, as always, any info my faithful readers can provide is welcome), but their retro styles are very pleasing to the eye.

Hillbilly Brew and It's Peachy are both cork-lined caps, which makes me think they are pretty old crowns. Fudgy chocolate, however, is plastic-lined and has pretty clean lines, which makes me wonder where on earth it's from and what time period. Google, the ultimate finder of everything these days, comes up only with recipes for chocolate brownies when I do a search for fudgy chocolate, fudgy chocolate beverage, soda, etc. Google, you have failed me! I asked the Internet: It. Did. Not. Know. On the bright side, I know what I'm baking this weekend.

In any case, it's a really fun bottle cap, with a totally ridiculous font and girl wearing a crown licking her lips. Definitely makes me want to drink one! I just hope it's not secretly a Yoo-hoo!

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