Tuesday, March 8, 2011

original sin, woodchuck and mystery cap!

A few weekends ago,  a friend of mine came to visit NYC from Massachusetts. It was wonderful to see her, and we managed to take in a concert of a folk musician known for his humorous lyrics. It was a great night - the food was great, the music was great and the company was great. On the walk home, we stopped in a local deli to check out the beer selection. We decided to switch things up a bit and go totally domestic in our selection, since we'd been a bit disappointed with all the international beverages we've been sampling.

An old standby in my house is Woodchuck Cider.  Always delicious and refreshing in a pinch, Woodchuck Hard Cider comes in many flavors.  Going with what seems to be a theme in this blog, we went for the Granny Smith Apple variety.  And it didn't disappoint!  Woodchuck hails from Vermont. Any cider (or beer ... or beverage in general, for that matter) that has an animal as its mascot is OK by me.

A new cider for me, however, is Original Sin.  It was crisp, refreshing and the bottle cap is awesome.  (and isn't that what it is all about, people?) You gotta love a devil tail incorporated into the design.   It looks like OS and is even made in and distributed out of New York City.

The last beverage procured on that fine evening in February is this IPA from Green Flash Brewing Co. in San Diego, CA:

If I had not taken a picture of the bottle, I promise you I never would have remembered what it was called.  My friend drank the whole bottle, and didn't even let me taste-test. I guess that means it was good and therefore gets the super cool bottle cap seal of approval.

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