Monday, March 28, 2011

cherry coke, clearly canadian, dr. pepper

Crownvention has come and gone. Rooms and rooms of cans, crowns, and other drinking goodies are behind us. I feel like I made out like a bandit. A few bottle caps I was specifically looking for were easily found and procured. The weekend in PA was well worth the trip.

Cherry Coke has always been a favorite drink of mine but I don't think I have ever seen it in a glass bottle, so it was definitely on the list of caps that I wanted to try to get this past weekend. I was in luck!  One of the first vendors I came across had an array of Coke caps -- both old and new, and many, many varieties. This particular Cherry Coke cap also has an actual cherry on it, only adding to the fabulousness. The best Cherry Coke I think I've ever had is at this great old-fashioned diner on the Upper East Side that makes Coke with Syrup (if you click on the link be sure to turn up your volume!). You can get a fountain soda with vanilla, lemon, or cherry.

Dr. Pepper is also a classic.  Again, not as easy to find in bottles in my 'hood as one might think (plenty in plastic, but we all know that it is just not the same.)  I went with a more contemporary cap for Dr. Pepper. I'm not such a fan of all of the new flavors of Dr. Pepper out there -- how do you feel about them?  Dr. Pepper has such a distinctive taste that only the classic hits the spot. I drink Diet Dr. Pepper but it is the ONLY diet soda that I think actually tastes like the original.

The last cap I'll discuss tonight from Crownvention is Clearly Canadian,  a delicious flavored sparkling water. This is a drink that I used to covet growing up.  It was abundant, many flavors to choose from, and was always satisfying. As I got older, it became more and more scarce, and now it is at the point where I can't find it anywhere. I think the last time I found Clearly Canadian anywhere in NY was about five or six years ago, and that was a fluke! Before that, I saved one bottle (but not the cap, alas) that is currently residing at my parent's house. I think it is now a candle holder -- such a sad fate. Clearly Canadian wasn't even something on my list of hopeful caps for this trip, so when I saw one, I had to pounce on it!

Faithful readers, did you find any amazing bottle caps this weekend?

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  1. Can you believe original Clearly Canadian is gonna be back soon?!!
    See the revival campaign here